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ExcelBooking.com is not a travel agency, we are “only” experts on searching the web for travel deals – we do the same work as you do when you are looking for cheap deals. The difference is that search engines on our site search hundreds of sites simultaneously and give you a nice overview of the best deals within seconds.

For us it doesn’t matter where you finally decide to make your hotel booking. We just want to show you where to get really cheap deals.

Sometimes it’s best to book your hotel or flight ticket directly from the hotel or the airline, other times you may get the cheapest deal via an online travel agency - as they purchase in large volumes and have another sales channels.

The technology used in search and price comparing facilities on ExcelBooking.com cuts through availability and prices from top travel websites around the world, including Hotels.com, Expedia.com, Roomers.com, Agoda.com, ZenHotels.com, HotelLook.com, Trip.com, and many more.

Our vision is to give you a totally transparent price picture without any catches or extra fees - it’s 100% free to use our search and price comparing services. Booking and payments are made directly to the supplier you choose and not to ExcelBooking.com.

Hotels; Booking of hotel accommodation, here you can be sure to get the most out of your hotel booking.

Flights; One of the largest search engines for flight tickets, here you find the cheapest flight tickets available in real time.




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